13 Jun 2009
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Texas State Championship Sprint Adventure Race Series Sprint #3
Austin, TX
Muleshoe Bend Park

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OMSART Members: NB and brewer

Official Results
2.9 miles
24 min 30 seconds
8:48/mi pace
TA: 2 min 30 sec
2 miles
31 minutes 39 seconds
TA: 2 min 30 sec
7.7 miles
59 minutes 54 seconds
Run through water
3/10 mile
3 minute


Time: 2:01:05
Distance: 12.92 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,785 ft

3rd Place

... that gives us 17 more points
Total points now = 54
 that puts keeps us in 2nd place for the series.

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Link to race here.
Here's the player version of it... here.


NB's Comments:

So... before I even begin the write up, I'd like to present the following picture of brewer's leg...

This is a result of a little mishap when he was training on Wednesdays.  Needless to say, he was not real thrilled to be running on it.  He did tell me is looks a lot better now than it did on Thursday...

The back of brewer's knee.  OUCH!!!

... then there's my elbow which is sad shape.  You can see in a couple of the pictures the elbow support I wore during the race.  No matter... we're still racing!!!!

And, before I get into the details of the race, Let me present the following image of the day's temperature...

Now onto the report...

I arrived at brewer's crib in Austin Friday night.  We did some wheel swapping, tire changing, bike-computer installing, and made a few other pre-race tweaks to the bikes before heading out for our traditional pre-race meal of some sort of Asian food--this time... Korean... Bulgogi beef! 

It was about 10 minutes after arriving back at brewer's that I decided to hit the sack.  I need  lot of sleep these days... a lot of sleep and a lot more food!!!

We arrived at the race site early (as always).  Fortunately, Bob and Wes had staged their pop-up shade cover and floor in the transition area (TA) the night before, so brewer and I made short work of setting it up and preparing our gear in the staging area.

Once again, we have to thank Wes' wife Laura for being kind enough to take pictures of us today.

Beautiful day... though it got hot fast...

... and lots of people for this one.  102 teams.

The race began with a 3-mile trail run.  While it wasn't as hot at 0900 as it would get later in the day, it was still hot... and poor brewer running on that leg... no fun for him!  Our pace was maybe a tad slow, but we did OK in the run until the end.  We had about a 1/4 mile to go and the heat started to get to brewer.  He had to walk up one hill and that's when I noticed his color... white as a sheet.  He said he also had the cold sweats.  Not good.  We slowed down a little, and he drank some more fluid.

I promise brewer was next to me, but our photographer... Laura... missed him...

WAIT!  There's brewer!

Arriving in the TA, we grabbed our boat seats and water bottles to head to the paddle section.  On the way out of the TA, I saw Ricky--he's one of the young racers... maybe 17?--on his back.  The heat had got him too.  He was over heated.  The medics were making their way to him... I handed over one of my water bottles so the folks attending to him could pour it on him to cool him down.  Kathy arrived immediately after and continued pour water on him to get his temperature down.

brewer and I began the paddle section... which turned out to be a lot further than we expected.  It wasn't until we rounded the buoy and started heading back when we got into a groove.  We even passed a number of teams on the way back.

I told you it was a pretty day!

Heading into the water with out boat...

brewer deciding if he wants to wear the life vest or not... :-)

And we're off on the paddle...

There we are (somewhere).

And we're back after the two-mile paddle...

Out of the water...

We climbed out of the boats and headed up the hill to run back to the TA and get out bike gear on...

Pick up the boat...

And climb up the hill before we got into the TA and take off on the mountain bike section.

The bike section at Muleshoe bend is awesome mountain biking.  To give you an idea of the course, it took us just under an hour to go about eight miles--lots of rocks, twists and turns, loose-rock-hill climbs... pretty darned fun!  This is the section where we shined.  We passed several teams on the trail and completed the route without any incidents.  Well, my heart rate stayed incredibly high during most of the ride, and I was panting like a dog at one point... but we persevered!

Who's dat?

Dat be brewer!

Back into the TA we had one more event.  We had to run down to lake again and basically run in about waist-deep water along the shoreline and climb out a muddy embankment on the end before sprinting to the finish line.

We crossed the finish line at 2 hours, 1 minutes and 5 seconds which put us in 3rd place.  The same two teams that placed 1st and 2nd at the Nationals were the same two teams that beat us again.  But, even wounded, we still gained a couple of minutes on the 2nd-place team. 

Our congratulations from Scott...

Our congratulations from Kathy...

"Umm... get a room.  Geez!  I'm just going to look away..."


According to my Garmin, I burned up 1,435 calories.  My average heart rate was 178 bpm, and I maxed it at 189 bpm.  Not bad for an old dood.

Until next time...


WOO HOO!!! Bob and Wes!!!

Wes and Bob about to cross the finish line.  Wes giving Bob a helping hand...  WOO HOO!!!


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