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Texas State Championship Sprint Adventure Race Series Sprint #4
Houston, TX
Market Square Plaza

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OMSART Members: NB and brewer

Official Results
  1. Run
  2. TA
  3. Bike
  4. Mystery Event (run up and down hill)
  5. Bike
  6. Trail run
  7. Bike
  8. TA
  9. Mystery Event (jelly bean toss)
  10. Run
  11. Mystery Event (waterfall)
  12. Run

2nd Place


2nd out of ?? teams in our division.
9th out of ?? overall (all divisions).

Link to results --> here.

... that gives us 19 more points
Total points now = 75
 that keeps us in 1st place for the series.

Link to overall standings --> here.

Pictures below...

brewer's Comments:

This was race #4 of the five race series... 

We were a little worried about this race since it was more free flowing than the others.  There wasn't a marked course just checkpoints you had to get to basically anyway you saw fit.  This was a big change, and I had no clue how we'd do. 

I've only been to Houston four times in my life and usually try to get out as quickly as possible so I had no idea what downtown looked like so I knew I wasn't going to be any help.  Luckily NB lives smack dab in downtown Houston and prowls the streets and bike paths and knows his way around. 

I showed up to his house around 6:30 Friday evening and had dinner with his family.  We jumped on the bikes and made a quick ride down to the transition area (TA) and met up with Scott and Kathy (Terra Firma race organizers) had a drink and then headed back to his house.
We were up at 0600 and out the door about 45 minutes later.  We got the TA set up and hung around for am hour and a half before the race started. 

During the prerace briefing Scott said to take our running shoes with us on the bike and that the sequence would be run, bike, run, bike, run, bike and run.  Way different than any of the previous races. Ten minutes before race start, they handed out a page telling us where to run to get our maps and directions. 

We took off shortly after 0900 in a mad dash for the map area.  We were in the first wave to get there, and NB grabbed our packet which contained a folded City of Houston map and an instruction sheet on where to go for the first three checkpoints.  He new immediately where to go and off we went following several other teams. 

I got the CP1 stamp and off we went running along the lower river path for about 1.5 miles until it dead ended and then up six flights of stairs to CP2.  I noticed several teams were running along the road paralleling the path  meaning they missed the stair climbing fun.  Luckily the volunteer at CP2 sent them back down the hill and had them come up the hard way. 

CP3 was just down the hill and NB grabbed that.  Next we were too make our way back to the TA any path we chose.  NB found a hole in the fence which was a good shortcut, and we took a slight detour to scout out the first mountain biking leg.  We hit the TA somewhere around 24 minutes and changed into our bike shoes, helmets, stuffed our running shoes in our Camelbaks and took off. 
We headed back basically the same way we had run but this time were on the other side of the bayou and rode out to Spotts Park.  This was about a three-mile ride, and when we got to the park we had our first challenge (mystery event).  We changed into running shoes and ran about 1/4 mile to the top of a big hill where we were handed our next set of instructions.  At the bottom of the hill were three posts.  Each post had a different color poker chip at the bottom and a picture of a snake on it.  Each team ran down the hill to the first post, grabbed a chip and looked at the snake.  Then you ran back up the hill to the table and had to identify that snake out of 39 snakes pictured on the poster.  If you were right you got a stamp.  And then ran back down for the second picture and chip, back up for the ID and stamp and back down for the third.  I was hurting pretty good at this point, and NB ID'd the first two snakes before I really knew what was going on.  I was just following him up and down the hill and handing our passport over to be stamped.  I finally got my wits about me for the third snake and helped NB make up his mind on the right number, and we got our third and final stamp and were off to the corner of Blossom and Crestwood after getting our bike gear back on. 

This took us right in front of NB's house, and I was ready to grab the car at this point.  But we kept heading west right to the eastern edge of Memorial Park which was another 2 mile ride.  We stamped CP7 there, and the directions said to head to the south side of Memorial Park which was another 2 mile ride. We had to follow the power lines down about 200 yards and got CP8 there.  At this point we had to change back into running shoes and go on a trail run through Memorial Park.  I'm really not sure how long this lasted.  I'd guess 15 minutes or so.  NB had a minor calf cramp near the beginning but worked it out.  I caught my foot on a root and took a fall but remembered my judo training and tucked and rolled and popped up without too much damage other than a stiff neck and a spiked heart rate. 

We made it back to the bikes and had to ride to back to the TA anyway we wanted.  NB took us down Memorial on the sidewalks, bike paths and dirt paths.  I was starting to fade at this point.  It was super hot and humid out, and a couple miles back into the bike I started to get the chills.  I started sucking down more HEED and water, and we backed off the pace a bit which helped me recover.  We made it back to the TA and were handed our final instructions with two CPs still to go. 
We dropped of the bikes and gear and put on our shoes again to the next challenge which was just across the park from the TA.  It was the jellybean toss.  One person had a spoon and a jelly bean and had to toss it to their partner about 15-20 feet away who had to catch it in a plastic cup.  This doesn't sound very hard, and it wasn't... until you've been going all out for 1 hour and 40 minutes.  I got some decent tosses in but the first few bounced out after hitting the bottom of the cup.  NB got the timing down on the third toss, and we got the CP9 stamp.  One more to go. 

We had to run 1/3 of a mile to the Aquarium.  There is a waterfall in front of it that drops into a small pool.  CP10 was in the pool so we jumped in got the final stamp and had to go under the waterfall and out the other side.  The water felt great, but it was over in a second, and we were back running towards the finish line. 

Our final time was on the upper end of 1 hour 53 minutes.  I was pooped.  Not as spent as at Muleshoe, but we had both given it our all and were proud of how we finished... especially considering our concerns from earlier that morning.
Next race is Glenrose, and the Championship hangs in the balance.
BTW - We never opened the map the entire race.  Way to navigate NB!

Race Pictures

Always smiling before the race.  Must be the Richard-Simmons-leader jerseys...

Coming in after the first run to pick up the bikes...

Time to ride!

And we're off...

And just like that, we're back...

... only had to ride 3.5 miles...
run up and down a hill three times...
ride 2.5 miles to a check point...
ride another 2 miles to another check point...
then trail run for about a mile or so...
then ride another 5 miles back to the TA.

And off again for even more running...

Made it back to the TA, and after changing clothes, found these two...

A little pre-race chat for the kiddos!  I think one of them is scared of the competition...

On your mark...Get set...


"Run that way!"

She's super fast!

He's having an equipment failure...

WOO HOO!  Medals... a happy face... and a game face!

The old guys picking up their second place goodies...

brewer's just so happy!!!! ('cause we still lead the points for the series!)


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