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Terra Firma Adventure Race 2007
October 6th, 2007
Rocky Hill Ranch, Smithville, TX

OMSART Members: NB and Dr. Josh

Unofficial Results (our time)
Official Results
32 min 5 sec

2 hours 20 minutes 52 seconds
11th out of 21 teams in our division.
13th out of 43 overall (all divisions).
Link to official results here.

Mountain Biking:
1 hr 17 min 26 sec
10 miles
Mystery Events:
21 min

Pictures below

NB's Comments:

We got up at 4:30AM to make the drive to Smithville, TX for the race. We pulled into Rocky Hill Ranch around 5:45, found a place to park, received our directions, put our bikes and other gear in the transition area, and promptly began the running section of the race at 7:00AM.

We did pretty good during the running part... though it was only 32 minutes of running.

We changed socks and shoes, loaded the Camelbaks onto our backs and took off on the bikes after Josh took a brief (very brief) rest.

The biking section was different than the training at Memorial Park allows me to do. The climbs were significantly longer, but on the plus side, the downhill sections were significantly longer (and faster) as well. On one particular rocky downhill section, we passed some folks just over 21mph... fun!

Unfortunately we got backed up at the top of one hill and had to hop off the bikes. My calf muscles locked up immediately. I stretched them out, but it seemed that any time we had to stop and get off the bikes, they'd lock up again. As long as I kept moving, I was OK.

The ride was only 10 miles, but it took us an hour and 17 minutes... lots of climbing... lots of times getting backed up behind other riders... and a couple of times to stretch the calf muscles.

The mystery event was a running event, but we had to take a wheel off one of the bikes and carry it around a shorter version of the running trail.

At first we both carried it, each one of us had a hold of a handgrip running side-by-side as the rear tire rolled along, but eventually I just took the bike by both grips and stood it up and rolled it on the rear tire.

We ran when we could, but for the most part poor Dr. Josh was spent... but we did finish the race.

I'm pretty sure we completed it in 2 hours, 20 minutes and 56 seconds (still waiting for the final official results from Terra Firma).

I'm looking forward to the next race!

Dr. Josh's Comments:

After sleeping about 3 hours, I drug myself off of the sleeper sofa at Bill’s place and got into my race attire.  

We left the castle on the hill in Brenham and stopped for a coke and a bio-break (pre-game if you know what I mean).  With the aid of the GPS and our keen sense of direction, we found the ranch and pulled in to get unloaded and parked next to the car in front of us, which later we found out was the middle of the road leading into the park…hahahaha.  But, it was dark, and 5:45am, and just followed the car in front of us. 

We got our stuff organized in the transition area and lined up for the start.  The run was beautiful… through the meadow, under the cover of the trees, and up and down many hills as the trail wound us around and back to the transition area.  I have to admit, I am out of shape and was not feeling all that great at the end of the run. 

After sitting down and swapping into the cycling socks and shoes, donning the helmet, gloves, and Camelbaks we headed out on the bike portion. It was a great trail ride with some long, challenging uphills and several long, fast downhills. WOOHOOO what a ride!  I was cramping up pretty bad toward the end of the ride, but it was well worth it!

The mystery event was another run, only this time we had to carry a bike with only one wheel on it.  We started out each grabbing one side of the handlebars since we had removed the front tire, but after several stops to stretch the cramping calves, Bill took hold of the bike and “wheel-barrowed” it the rest of the way to the finish because I was completely spent.

Each time we came through the transition area, William, Bill’s youngest, would yell…”Daddy are you winning?”  It was pretty awesome and definitely lifted our spirits.

We then loaded up the car and I headed back to Deer Park averaging about 90mph to get home for my daughters first birthday party!

What a great race!  Now, if I can get back in shape so we can do better than 11 of 21, I’ll be happy.

Race Pictures

At the end of the trail run

Switching socks and shoes at the transition area (running for cycling)

I wouldn't be crossing here if I were a cow

Go Josh GO!!!

Coming in at the end of the cycling part

NB turning in the objects we had to collect and carry to the end

Receiving last-minute instructions for the "mystery event"

Heading to the transition area again

NB reading the details of the mystery event to Dr. Josh

Crossing the finish line at the end of the mystery event

Dr. Josh picking up the goodies at the finish line

And that's that...


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