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Current Group Training Schedule

We meet a couple nights per week at 6:05 at Memorial Park (map below in the FAQ's). We run the mountain bike trails... and some old trails that few people even know about... we run Wednesday and Friday nights. Our longer runs are on Sunday mornings at 9:00.

If you want to going running with us, send me an email first to ensure we're meeting at the park (sometimes we change it up and meet at other places).

If you want to be on the distribution list, send me an email. I'll be upgrading the site with some additional features like RSS and discussion groups, yada yada, but until I find time, email works...


I get asked lots of questions, so I have done my best to answer as many of them as possible in the following:

When do you meet?
At the exact same time I mentioned in the first paragraph...6:05PM on Tuesday and Friday nights and 9:00AM on Sunday mornings...or 1800 hours and 0900 hours for those with advanced military training.

Where do you meet?
We meet at Memorial Park. Use this map to find your way there:

View Memorial Park Parking in a larger map

If that map doesn't work for whatever reason, click on the map below to enlarge it...it's a HUGE map...give it a second to load...


click here to download a PDF of the map for printing...(probably the easiest).

Basically it's the parking lot with the tree in the middle by the baseball and soccer fields. Look for my obnoxious green Land Rover with a bunch of lights, a roof rack, and other randomness hanging off of it.

Who runs?
Me, (NB) and some folks who train with me at the Houston Gym... sometimes friends... sometimes random people who email me here... sometimes just me.

How many people show up?
Depends. It can be just me. It can be 4-5... 8 folks.

Do you charge anything?
Umm... no. This isn't a business; it's me motivating people to get off their asses and get healthy. But if you want to give me $1,000, that'd be cool! I also love iTunes gift cards! :-)

How fast do you run?
At least fast enough to make someone puke.

Has anyone ever puked?

How long do you run?
Long enough to make someone pee in their pants.

Has anyone ever peed in their pants?

Will I get hurt?
You might.

Will there be blood?
There certainly could be... especially if you fall... or I take us through a trail that has sticker bushes. I try not to do that, but sometimes...

What are the elevation changes?
Here's a link to some past runs to give you an idea...

Here's a link to a Sunday morning run:

There's more on my training log page here.

What do I bring... not bring?
Bug juice--Off, or similar.

Bring shoes and socks you don't mind getting dirty... maybe even muddy, depending on how much it has rained. And if you're new to this, your regular running shoes will work. If you want my recommendation on trail running shoes... Salomons, period.

Do NOT wear a cotton shirt... wear something synthetic.
Don't wear cotton socks... get yourself some synthetic socks (I like Thorlos and TechSocks)...
And same with shorts... wear synthetic running shorts.
(... cotton holds moisture... you'll be a sweaty, miserable pig... don't wear it).

Bring an extra shirt to change into for the ride home so you don't nasty up your seat with sweat and dirt (and/or blood if you take a fall).

Bring a large, dark towel to dry off and sit on. Or climb in your car all sweaty and nasty--that's pretty much what I do.

Some folks bring sandals and put their running shoes in the trunk on particular muddy days... whatever...

Bring water (or whatever you like to drink) for after running.

If you want to wear a water belt, you can. It's just more crap to carry though. I do sometimes... most times not.

Don't bring an iPod. You won't need it. I talk a lot during the run. Just stick your fingers in your ears if you get tired of my voice.

If you have a heart-rate monitor, definitely bring that.

If you have a RoadID or similar product, wear it. In case you pass out or die, I at least want to have a number to call to tell them where the body is.

What if I find tpyos on this page?
Call my English professor, and tell her she screwed up.

I reckon that's it for now. If I think of something else, I'll add it.


Need some motivation? My favorite commercial...



"... and it's all natural!!!"

Training Logs:
  NB's Training Log
I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who keeps his log up to date... slackers.




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