5 July 2009
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Katy, TX:
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Official Results
Distance: 13.61 miles
Official Time: 59:06
Calories: 1,084
Avg HR: 179 bpm
Max HR: 190 bpm
Run: Distance: 1.99 miles
Time: 14:02
Pace: 7:03/mile
Calories: 232
Avg HR: 178 bpm
Max HR: 186 bpm
TA: 01:21
Bike: Distance: 9.57 miles
Time: 29:17
Avg Speed: 19.6 mph
Max Speed: 23.7 mph
Avg Cadence: 95 rpm
Calories: 613
Avg HR: 177 bpm
Max HR: 183 bpm
TA: 00:12
Run: Distance: 1.98 miles
Time: 14:21
Pace: 7:14/mile
Calories: 234
Avg HR: 183 bpm
Max HR: 190 bpm

M 40-44 Open - 7th place.

Official Results here.

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NB's comments:

"This ain't my sport.  It could be, but it ain't at this particular moment in time..."

This was my second duathlon.  Last year I did the Protest Duathlon in Leander, TX.  This sure as hell was a much shorter drive, though the race did start at 0645, so I still had to get up too early... no fireworks for me last night!

I talked Cedric and Austin (who work with me at the Houston Gym--my side gig) into doing the race, and sho'nuf, they both made it. 

Even though the race started at 0645, I was dripping sweat at 0600 after setting up all my gear in the TA (Transition Area).  It was an extremely humid morning.

After a version of the National Anthem played by a lone trumpet player, the gun went off, and the race was underway!

I kept an eye on my pace and tried to stay around a 7:00/mile.  Of course, seeing Cedric 100 or so yards ahead of me about a mile into the first two-mile run didn't do a lot for my ego, but I stayed with my plan.  The first run ended up like the following:

Not much to it... up goes the heart rate as usual...

My first TA took about a minute and a half to change my shoes (running shoes to bike shoes), put on my helmet, grab my bike and run out to begin the biking section. 

I was about a mile into it when I passed Cedric... though I did offer words of encouragement as I went by.  I stayed low on the bars and maintained a pretty good pace on the first half.  You can see in the graph below... the dark blue line is my speed... and I was able to keep my speed over 20 mph for nearly all of the first half.  The spike in the middle is the turn around, and you can see it was at the top of a short, steep hill.  My heart rate spiked (red line in the graph below) as I attacked the hill.  Once I turned around, I tried to get back on top of the 20 mph pace, but I quickly figured out why it wasn't a problem on the first half--head wind!  CRAP.  It wasn't much of a head wind, but it was enough to get inside my head.  I didn't want to blow up on the run, so I throttled back a tad on the second half of the ride, but with a mile left, I said @$%& it and got back over 20 mph. 

Into the TA, I racked my bike, whipped off my bike shoes and helmet, and slid my running shoes on... all in about 12 seconds and was off to the last run.

As evidenced by my heart rate in the graph below, I could have picked up the pace on the entire run, but I wasn't sure at the time.  Hind sight is 20/20... Anyway.  About a mile and a half in, no one was behind me, so I plotted a strategy to overtake three people in front of me.  I backed out of it just a little to get my heart rate down and kept the "victims" in my sights.  I crept up on them little by little until, right at the very end, I exploded and took down not only those three, but one other dood who fell prey to my strategy!  You can see my pace dropped to 5 min/mile right at the very end... you can also see my heart rate shoot up as well!  (The inflection point where the light blue line climbs is right after the finish line... I forgot to press stop on my GPS).

In the end, my time was 59 minutes and 6 seconds. 
Cedric's time was 1 hour, 2 minutes and 7 seconds.
And the big man, Austin's (TWENTY TWO!!!) time was 1 hour, 13 minutes and 30 seconds.
It must be nice to find your name in the Male 25 to 29 group!  My name appears much further down the results page...  

Me crossing the finish line

The BIG man rumbling across the finish line!

At my last duathlon I ran a 7:51 pace for the first leg and a 7:34 for the second, so I did get faster with a 7:03 pace and a 7:14 pace this time.  But last time I averaged 19.8 mph and this time only 19.6.  I should have picked up the pace after the halfway point, 'cause at the end of the race, I really felt like I left something on the course.  Oh well, this was only my second duathlon.  The next one will be better.

Until next weekend...



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