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Eco - Lonestar Adventure Race 2008
March 8th, 2008
Marble Falls, TX

OMSART Members: NB and brewer

Unofficial Results
(our time)
Official Results
Trail Run 21 min 4 sec
2.31 miles

2 hours, 34 minutes, 18 seconds
16.23 miles

Place = 10th.
Tire change... 10 minutes...
But check this... take away 10 minutes for the flat and look at the times of the 3rd and 4th place teams:
3rd:  2:18:04
4th: 2:25:09
... just sayin...
All the "Official Results" here.
Transition 3 min 51 sec
Mountain Bike 1 hour 34 min 42 sec
10.15 miles
Hill Climb 13 min 15 sec
0.46 miles
Mountain Bike (after hill climb) 16 min 11 sec
2.91 miles
Mystery Event 4 min 24 sec
0.37 miles
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Pictures below (at very bottom)

NB's Comments:

I don’t care who you are…30 degrees is cold…

I picked up brewer at his crib in Austin about five in the afternoon after an uneventful 3-hour drive from Houston.  brewer loaded his gear into the my rig… now officially known as the Adventure Race Transport Vehicle, or ARTV fo’ short… and we continued blazing trails to the race site in Marble Falls, TX.

We arrived at the park and after paying our camping fee, we found Special Ed and Richard, the official race photographers, drinking a cold one and watching the world go by. 

After unloading the majority of the gear from the ARTV, brewer set up his tent while I prepared the inside of the ARTV for me to sleep inside.  We took a few sunset pictures, prepared a little dinner, and ended up helping a couple of other racers with their truck tent.  It wasn’t long after that I climbed inside the ARTV and buried myself inside my sleeping bag for the rest of the evening.

I awoke around 0600, opened the door and realized it was significantly colder outside than it was inside the ARTV.  30 degrees to be precise. 

We walked down to the pre-race meeting, got the skinny, and hauled our bikes and other gear to the transition area (TA) and waited for the race to begin at 0700.


And with that we began the first leg of the race… the run.  The run was 2.31 miles, and it took us 21 minutes, 4 seconds… which is an average pace of 9:06/mile.  My alarm on my heart monitor told me I was exceeding my maximum heart rate for my age—188 beats per minute—at some point during one of the up-hill parts.  “Whatever”… I kept on running.  My average heart rate for the run was 174, and the temperature of my toes and fingers was about -50 degrees.  I dislike cold weather!

We had a great TA time, and with helmets on our heads and Camelbaks strapped on torsos, we began the mountain bike section.

For the most part, the mountain bike section was easy.  “Easy” in that it wasn’t too technical, but the damned hills… I hate hills. 

We were clipping along pretty good when I heard brewer yell he had run off the trail.  I called back for him; he was OK, so we kept rolling without getting passed by any other riders... until the flat from brewer's off-the-trail adventure that is.

After emerging from one of the more technical sections, brewer yelled he flatted.  We pulled off to the side and watched helplessly as team after team rode by.  It took us ten minutes to change the flat…

We pressed on, and it wasn't long before my mangina started acting up… I could feel myself starting to bonk.  I popped a Shotblok and prayed it would help… it didn’t.

We were 10.15 miles in the mountain bike section when we had to stop to climb a friggin hill.  My average heart rate for this part of the ride was 168, and I maxed at 189.  Our time for the 10.15 miles was 1 hour 34 minutes... 41 seconds.

The directions were clear… “Climb up to the tower.”  So off we went…

brewer was like a friggin gazelle.  Me?  Well I was more like a 158-year old Giant Tortoise.  Mentally I wanted to run up the hill; it’s just that my legs would not cooperate.  Don’t get me wrong, I made it… just a little slower than I wanted to.  At the top of the 20-story climb, brewer grabbed the wine cork from the perky teenager, and we about-faced and made our way back down to the bikes to finish the ride.  The run up to the tower on the top of the hill and back was only 0.46 miles, and we climbed up (and back down, obviously) 230 feet … took us 13 minutes, 50 seconds.  My average heart rate for this section was 152... maxed out at 171.

I reckon the Shotbloks and reduced-heart rate gave me a burst of energy, because for a good while of the next 2.91 miles I was moving along pretty good… then came some hills and BONK!  Damn it.  We stopped one time to help another team.  They flatted as well, but they didn’t have a tube or a pump.  I threw them a tube and a CO2 kit from my pouch so they could finish the race. 

The sun was warming things up nicely, but I was still wearing three synthetic shirts, running tights, triathlon shorts, and a face mask.  I stopped.  I took off the face mask and the long-sleeved shirt.  It definitely didn’t help our time, but I felt better.  I wasn’t too happy to watch the two young guys I had just given tire-changing stuff to pass us… damn it. 

The remaining mountain bike section was 2.91 miles from the hill-climbing stop earlier to the TA.  Unfortunately it took us (though I really should say  it took ME) 16 minutes, 11 second.  My average heart rate was 167, and I maxed out at 181.

At the TA, we were told to run “that way…”  We did.  The mystery event had those very large wooden spools used to haul heavy gauge wire.  You typically see these on the back of semis (there’s pictures below too).  Anyway, our task was to jump over one, go under one, jump over one, go under the next.  I don’t remember exactly how many there were… six maybe?  Who knows?  Anyway, I killed this one.  Being little and strong does have some advantages.  We ended up running 0.37 miles to the spools and back.  It took us 4 minutes and 24 seconds to complete this final section.  My average heart rate was 166… maxed at 173. 

We arrived at the finish table… 2 hours, 34 minutes, 3 seconds.  The total mileage of the race was 16.23 miles.  My average heart rate over this two-and-a-half-plus hours was 167.  We also had an elevation change of 2,000 feet... in that we went up and down 2,000 feet from the beginning to the end.  This doesn’t take into consideration all the ups and down in the middle… it’s simply the delta between the highest and lowest points along the course.

Now remember that 10 minutes we lost changing the flat?  Well, we finished 10th at 2:34:03.  Check out the 3rd and 4th place times:

3rd - 2:18:04
4th - 2:25:09

Now I ain’t saying we would have finished 4th… I’m just sayin’ I wish we had that 10 minutes back.  But in reality, the 10 minutes was also a break… and who cares?  It was a whole lot of fun regardless!

Some things I learned this time:

  • Eat.  No matter what, eat.  I did not eat breakfast in the morning prior to the run.  Dumb.  I think that’s why I bonked so early—I simply ran out of fuel.  Once I started the Shotbloks, I was like a friggin sine wave… go go go… bonk!  go go go… bonk. 
  • Train more for hills.  There are no hills in Houston, but spend some time on the trainer… get hills conquered.
  • Get endurance up.  It’s hard to train for more than an hour and a half… but that’s when I started bonking.  Put in the time!

On a positive note, I pushed myself harder this time than previous races, and only once did my left calf muscle talk to me.  Just a little… but it disappeared and never returned.  I’ve been really REALLY working calves in the gym… looks like it’s paying off!

If you're interested, the following links will take you to the data from the race on MotionBased.com:

And even more fun is the Google Earth file. Download it here.

I reckon that's it...

Next race, April 19th!

Until then…



Race Pictures

And we're off... and it's only 30 degrees... not 29!

Running in 30 degree weather is no fun!

NB led the run... brewer led the biking.  NB needs to work on his biking!

The Flat...

The end of the flat... just a smidge under 10 minutes to change it...

I wished I'da seen the photographer... I'da got both wheels off the ground!

Leap frog?

"They want me to climb over this?..."

"... it's not like I just ran 2.5 miles and biked 13.5 miles... geez!"

The end... on multiple levels!

"Is my lip still there?"... "Yeah... I guess it is..."


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