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Texas State Championship Sprint Adventure Race Series Sprint #2
Dallas, TX
White Rock Lake

OMSART Members: NB and brewer

Official Results
I (NB) seemed to mess up my watch during the run, so the exact distances and split times are not available until I figure out my watch.

Run - 1.5 miles

Kayak - 3/4 mile

Run - 1.5 miles

Mountain Bike - 12.5 miles

2nd Place


Link to results --> here.

... that gives us 19 more points
Total points now = 37

Pictures below...

brewer's Comments:

This was race #2 in the series, and we raced this course last year so we knew what to expect.

I found us a great deal on a hotel room at the Marriot Courtyard in Richardson for $55, so we both headed up there Friday afternoon. We went out on the search for our usual pre-race meal of some sort of Asian food and stumbled upon a great Thai and Japanese place in Plano called Zenna. The parking lot was packed, which was a good sign, and we were seated immediately and ate a ton of awesome food for not much money. If you are ever near Plano then you need to stop by. http://www.zennarestaurant.com/menu.html  We waddled back to the hotel and crashed pretty early.

We packed up in the morning and made it to White Rock Lake about 7:30 and scoped out a site in the transition area (TA). Wes and Bob showed up shortly afterward with their pop-up shade, so we had a great set up. We hopped on our bikes and rode our boat seats down to the kayak area and got ready for the race. There were over 100 teams at this race, so the TA was pretty crowded.

The race started off with a 1.5 mile run to the kayaks. We lined up near the front and took off at a pretty quick pace. I clocked us at 11:01 entering the kayak area which is about a 7:20 min/mile pace which is pretty quick for running on grass, gravel and through ditches.

We grabbed our seat, life jackets, paddles and a kayak and hit the water and promptly started to suck.

Last year these kayaks seemed to have a mind of their own and would start heading the wrong direction for no reason that we could find. At race #1 we went straight as an arrow, and I thought we had it figured out. Apparently not. This boat kept turning left on us no matter what adjustments we made. While we had stayed close to our category lead team in the run, they pulled away from us on the kayak. In fact they were the first boat out of the water, and we were somewhere around 10th. We never saw them again.

We were both glad to get the paddle out of the way and started the 1.5 mile run back to the TA and our bikes. My arms were feeling like Jell-O after the paddle, and we didnít run as fast on the way back as they way out. NB is the faster runner, but I donít think he was really feeling it on the way back either.

We hit the TA and made a quick transition to the bikes. The majority of the course was on pavement so we had aired up our tires to 40 psi for lower rolling resistance. NB had spent most of his energy pulling us along in the kayak, so it was my turn to pull him on the bike. He tucked in behind me and off we went. I was trying to hold an 18 mph pace which isnít too bad on fat-tire bikes. We never really found any drafting partners, so I kept pulling. NB took a couple of turns at the front, but he was hanging on near redline, so I had no problem pulling since I was feeling strong. We hit the short dirt section and got that out of the way and started back towards the TA. Near the end we got passed by these two young muscle-bound dudes who are demolishing the competition in the Clydesdale category. I call them Hans and Frans. They arenít too good on the hills with that extra weight, but they can sure mash the gears on the flats. They passed us with one mile to go doing 20+ mph. I jumped on their wheel but lost their draft a few minutes later coming through a trail barrier and some joggers. I tried to catch back up but just didnít have the gas. I slacked off and drafted NB for a sec and then started pulling again. As we dismounted and entered the TA after the last hill climb I was right on them but they beat us out of the TA. The last special challenge was a low crawl under a cargo net and then a sprint to the finish, so they beat us by a few seconds.

For some reason Iím not very happy with this race, but I canít pinpoint any area that we really just stunk it up on. Yeah the kayak sucked, but we still passed people and only got passed by one team. I guess I just donít like coming in 2nd place and getting beat by Hans and Frans at the last minute.

This course was the same as last year except for a short detour under a bridge and through a creek and the final challenge which was a 2x4 walk. I estimate those might have added an extra 4 mins compared to this course. Our time last year was 1:57:32, and I had us down at 1:38-and-change this year. So compensating for the extra events of last year we cut our time by 15 minutes which is something to be happy about, but Iím not. Time to train harder. The next course is at Muleshoe, which has some nice hills with loose sand and gravel that will suck the life out of you on the bike. This course should play a little more into our strengths.

Race Pictures

brewer's so fast that the Laura couldn't catch him with the camera!

More friggin paddling... YUK!

We're so happy we're done with the kayaking!!!

Now back to racing...

"Slow down brewer... I'm old!"

No wonder why I was slow... there was a barricade back there!

Rounding the final turn...

The back of NB.

Under the net...

Out from under the net...

On your mark... get set...


NB's tired face!

brewer's tired face!

NB napping and brewer smiling!  At least one of us has the energy to smile!

Getting our awards and prizes for 2nd place!


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