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Texas State Championship Sprint Adventure Race Series Sprint #3
Forth Worth, TX
Camp Carter YMCA

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OMSART Members: NB and brewer

Official Results
2.33 miles
17 min 55 sec
7:40/mi pace

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0.12 miles
3 min 16 sec

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TA: 1 min  
0.82 miles
14 min 32 sec

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TA: 2 min  
7.30 miles
40 min 29 sec

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TA: 1 min  
Mystery Event
0.31 miles
5 min 52 sec

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Map Reading and Checkpoints
0.91 miles
14 min 46 sec

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2nd Place


2nd out of 8 teams in our division.
7th out of 85 overall (all divisions).

Link to results --> here.

... that gives us 19 more points
Total points now = 56
 that keeps us in 1st place for the series.

Link to overall standings --> here.

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Pictures below...

NB's Comments:

I would like to start this one off with the following…

Nearly drowning sucks. 

Once again, it was me and brewer.  This time Fort Worth, TX for race #3 of the series.  

Packet pickup was at the Pearl Izumi store in Fort Worth… which cost me a hundred dollars.  ... damned clearance sales. 

After picking up the packet on Friday afternoon, I headed to Camp Carter to find brewer waiting for me so we could pre-ride the course.  It was only 100 degrees or so… a nice day for a ride.

It wasn’t long into it that we found a particularly difficult downhill section of trail.  After spending significant amounts of time picking the best line, I started my decent.  It wasn’t until I rounded the tree I realized there was a lot more to the hill… and as I went over the handlebars and tumbled and tumbled and tumbled... I was fully aware that a more thorough investigation of the decent would have been a good idea.  As the bike came to crash on top of my head, I was fully aware of the importance of a helmet.

I was beaten pretty good, but not to the point I couldn’t finish checking out the course.  Though going over the handlebars a second time sorta got me to thinking that maybe I was a little tired…

We came off the trail and gave Kathy and Scott a report.  As a result, they decided to reverse part of the trail so the downhill would now be an uphill, and folks would be forced to walk it (so idiots like me wouldn’t ride it and get seriously hurt).

brewer and I found the world’s worst Chinese buffet after a stop at the Dollar store so I could buy a $4 blanket since I forgot my sleeping bag.  I'm still perplexed as to why something at the dollar store was $4.  

And that was that until the morning…

Race Day:

Turns out that the leaders in the series have to wear these Richard-Simmons-looking vests (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  But more than that, we were now targets.  Everyone behind us in the series was sure to track us down to take the lead…

So we donned our red #233 vests and lined up for the start, and like always, we took off on the run part first.  The run was only 2.33 miles… and we whipped it out at a 7:40 pace.  

We then had to put on a life vest and swim across a pond.  This is where things went to hell in a handbasket for me…

I dove in and started swimming… but my life vest was acting up.  The flotation part wasn’t staying down and as it rose to the surface, the other side would come around my neck.  I fought it several times as brewer swam by me (I’m assuming he just thought I was a crappy swimmer).  Of course battling this friggin' vest was taking its toll on me… and after swallowing some pond water a little anxiety crept into the picture.  I calmed myself and kept swimming with half the vest out of the water and the other half choking me.  As brewer looked back (after getting out of the water), he could see something was wrong and walked out to where he could grab my hand and pulled me out of the water.  Once on land I found the problem—the vest was missing a loop that holds the flotation part to the strap.  It was truly a horrible experience… one I hope to never have to repeat again… especially after a 2+ mile run and wearing running shoes and a water bottle.  

I was panting like a dog, but we had to keep going...

On the way to the TA, there was a little Mystery Event… basically we had to “wheelbarrow” across a sandy volleyball court.  You know, where one person walks on his hands while person #2 holds person #1’s ankles.  I was person #1.

Our TA time was quick, and we were off to the boats…

We struggled in the boat at first.  I think it was because of my near-drowning experience, but eventually we got the boat to track straight, and we were able to paddle in a straight line.  I reckon it coulda been the boat though… HA!

Back into the TA, we donned our bike shoes, helmets and Camelbaks and were off again...

I was still recovering from the swim... and now paddle, so I tucked in behind brewer and drafted him for a while.  Somewhere along this fast section of trail I told him we needed to catch the guys in the blue jerseys.  He said, “Yeah, and the guys ahead of them in the black jerseys too.”  UGH!

Ultimately we passed them both during the biking section.  

Back to the TA for the next Mystery Event…

We changed shoes and were told to go to the kayaks again… “grab a life vest… no paddle… one person in the boat, one out… go around the island!”

Great!  Because I didn’t die the first time, let’s get back in the water and try again.  Needless to say, I jumped in the boat first, and brewer swam us to the island.  Once he could get his feet down, he pulled the boat to the edge and began pulling it (and me) around.  Somewhere at the back of the island, we swapped… he got in the boat and I pulled it.  Once we were to the swim part again, we switched again, and he pulled us back across…

… where we were then handed a map.  

We had to go find two items.  A wine cork and a washer.  Fortunately brewer was able to read and run and took us to both checkpoints where we retrieved the items without incident.  

We had two teams in front of us on the way to the finish line.  I think brewer and I both “wanted” to sprint by them, but neither of us said a word about doing so… we were spent!  

We finished 7th overall, and second in our division… which keeps us in the lead for the series.  We missed 5th overall by 10 seconds.  If only we could have sprinted!  No chance.

We seem to be doing pretty good…

… next race – Houston.

Race Pictures

Always smiling before the race for some reason...

And an extra big smile from NB...

Coming in from the run... that's a tired face!

Then a little paddling...

Some biking...

And some more biking...

And the "Mystery Event!"

brewer's happy it's over.

Prizes?  We like prizes!

Shouldn't second be at lease one step higher than third?


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