11 July 2009
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Texas State Championship Sprint Adventure Race Series Sprint #5
Glen Rose, TX
Wyatt 3R Ranch
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OMSART Members: NB and brewer

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Trail Run
Ride to Kayaks
Ride back from Kayaking
Mystery Event

All of the details are in the write up below

1st Place

2 hours 04 minutes 54 seconds


brewer's Comments:

This was the fifth and final race of the Sprint Series. We hadnít won a race yet but came damn close in Huntsville and were ready to chalk up a win in Glen Rose. We knew we were going to get second place in the series but really wanted to get a race win under our belts.

I left Austin at 0730 am on Friday so I could get a pre-ride of the mountain bike course in before it broke 100 degrees. I hooked up with Scott, who is one half of Terra Firma (the race promoter), and we did an easy ride making sure the course was marked well. It was about 8.5 miles long with lots of hills. Steep and long hills. I love hills. NB hates them. I knew he was going to be hating life on the bike leg.

After we finished I went and checked into the hotel, grabbed a shower, drank half a gallon of water and watched the first five minutes of Caddyshack and then fell asleep for two hours. NB rolled in just before 1800 and was starving as usual, so as soon as he unloaded we went out and had some Italian food where the owner greeted us with "Welcome Amigos." I donít think Iíve ever seen a Mexican Italian restaurant before. The bread was good and the portions were large so we were happy. After a 15 minute wait at Dairy Queen for NB's ice cream cone dessert, we made a quick swing by the race course to check in and then hit the hotel and were off to sleep. That two-hour nap came back to haunt me when I woke up at 0300 completely wide awake and raring to go and couldnít fall back asleep.

We rolled up to the TA and started unloading around 0730 and then moved our cars about a quarter mile away into the woods. NB was all ready to go about 15 minutes later. I had my head up my ass and kept having to run back to the car for my heart rate monitor and then my bike shoes. At least I was good and warmed up for the race start. We got our 15 minutes of fame and were interviewed on camera and then ran to the race start and just jumped in front of 150 people and lined up on the front row.

Chillin' in the TA waiting for the race to start.  Again, we have to give HUGE props to Laura for taking pictures again this race!  And thanks to Bob and Wes for the shade!

Off we went on the run. Iím not sure what our pace was, but it was quick. We ran about 0.3 miles and then hung a left up a steep hill out of the creek bed. This soon turned into an extremely steep hill that was covered in loose rock with lots of ledges (we would get to ride down this hill on the bike leg). We made it to the top without blowing up and kept up a quick pace for the next couple of miles over rolling terrain. We then dropped off the ridge and ran on a trail along the edge of the creek. NB was in front and pushing the pace really good. I was close to redline but was able to hang on and wasnít hurting too bad. We were behind a team that had a bungee hooked between them (to help pull the weaker runner along), and NB made a move to pass them. I went with him and this shot my heart rate up pretty good just in time for the worst part of the course which was numerous steep descents and ascents in and out of gullies feeding the creek. I knew we were close to the end so I hung in there and before too long we were back in the creek bed and then back to TA. I showed 27:15 for the run. A 9:05 per mile pace isnít crap on the road but it was pretty damn fast on this terrain. In fact we entered the TA only two minutes behind the overall race leaders.

NB on the trail run...

brewer on the trail run...

We spent 40 seconds in the TA putting on our bike helmets, grabbing our boat seats and jumping on the bikes for a 0.6 mile ride down to the kayak starting point. We dumped our bikes and helmets, grabbed our kayak and ran down to the river. We had to run in the river (which was knee deep in this area) for one hundred yards before we could enter our boats and start the paddle. It took us a little over six minutes from leaving the TA until we started paddling.

Heading out of the TA on the bikes with out boat seats to ride down to the kayaks

There wasnít much to say on the paddle. NB muscled us along, and we had a good pace going. We were in the top ten teams overall as we rounded the buoy and headed back to the start point. We both noticed that we were ahead of the series leaders in our class at this point which meant we were in first place. They are better paddlers than us so I kept expecting them to pass us as we neared the kayak finish, but we held them off. We jumped out of the boat and carried them up a hill about 40 yards to the drop off point where we jumped back on our bikes and rode back to the TA. I wasnít too good on getting accurate lap times at this point but it looks like we finished the kayak and dropped the boat off in 28:30 and took another 6:00 minutes to ride back to the TA.

We spent about two minutes in the TA changing into our bike shoes, getting our Camelbaks on, popping some Endurolytes and getting our water bottles for the bikes out of the cooler. Right as we were finishing up the series leader team passed through TA. Apparently they geared up for the mountain bike when they came through for the kayak so they didnít need to stop and just passed on through. I knew they werenít more than 30 seconds ahead as we rolled onto the mountain-bike course and was confident we could catch them.

We hit the mountain bike course pretty hard and within ľ mile was the first hill--full of loose gravel up out the creek bed. Yeah baby! We crested this and hit a short section of flat ground before another loose gravel climb up to the pasture. We hit the top and were only about 30 yards behind the first place team. Based on my preride, I knew we had about 200 yards of flat to recover and then had another long hill where I wanted to attack. It looked like one of the guys was hurting on the climbs so that is where I wanted to fly by and make him feel like shit.

brewer and NB on beginning of the mountain biking section

Off we went and NB was right on my wheel. We passed one of team members on the hill and then caught the other one as we made a turn into the woods. There was another long steep hill coming up so I kept the hammer down and gassed it up that hill too trying to put as much distance between us as possible. I think this is where NB popped. My training program peaked me at the perfect time, and I was feeling great. I was just flying up the hills. NB wasnít having as much fun. I was putting him into the hurt locker on every hill and would wait for him at the top, which I know pissed him off. Once he got to the top Iíd take off fast on the down hills keeping our pace up which really didnít give him anytime to recover. About five miles in there is one super long hill that gets steeper and looser and you get higher. I was able to ride 90% of it on Friday with fresh legs but stalled out about 1/3 the way up during the race. We both got off and started pushing up.

The Team Pure Sport boys were behind us. They are in a different class, but they yelled that the other team was coming and was only 30 seconds back. From that point on every time I heard voices, I just knew it was that other team right on our wheel coming to pass us. So I started going harder on the hills. NB was a trooper and was hanging in there but was hurting really bad. I was waiting for him at the top of one hill and as he rode up I could see he was in granny gear spinning away. I started giving him shit and told him to push a bigger gear, and he told me he was getting tunnel vision so I knew he was giving it all he had. Luckily we only had one major hill left. He asked how far to the finish, and I lied and told him two miles. We still had about 3 miles to go, but it was relatively flat so I knew he could hang in there. NB is a really good technical rider when he isnít about to pass out. He told me he fell over twice in the last mile because he couldnít unclip going up some rocky sections.

Finally we came to that long hill we ran up but now got to ride down. It is one of those where you have to get your butt back behind your seat and keep both brakes on the verge of lockup just to avoid picking up way too much speed and totally wiping out. I made it down that and then though some turns and hit the creek bed for the last push to the end. But there was no NB. I waited and waited some more and yelled for him. He rounded the corner and said he had crashed. I had already heard this two times before and didnít think much of it and said lets go and put the hammer down again. We rode around the edge of the creek, through the water up the hill and then to the right for the special test.

For this event there were five singlets (racing jerseys) in a pile. One teammate had to put all five of them on (one at a time) and then take them off (one at a time) and then the other teammate had to do the same. We finally got the hang of dressing and undressing each other (that sounds about as gay as it looked) and then we sprinted to the finish.

Aww... the mystery event!

Most of the time it's something silly... and it was this time too...

I was full of adrenalin and took off like a shot not realizing how bad NB was hurting. He yelled to hold up, and we crossed the finish line in 2:04:54 and beat the other team by 5 minutes and 23 seconds.


As soon as we crossed the finish line, NB made a right turn to the medical tent and collapsed. He spent about 40 minutes in there getting rehydrated, cooled down and having his wounds scrubbed and bandaged up. The pictures I took from the mobile phone donít do them justice. They are much worse than they appear. Nice and deep.

Kimery patching up NB's arm

Nice!  NB's hip (I can tell you, it HURTS!  The cut pain is gone... now it's the bruise pain! --NB)

We  each won a new pair of Salomon trail-running shoes for our first-place performance. We got 2nd place in our category overall for the State Sprint Championship. We missed 1st place by 2 points. But that title is ours again in 2010!

brewer enjoying the post-race win--day-old pizza!

Big smiles for our first-place finish

Scottie giving us a little direction...

And to the podium again for our second-place awards for the entire series

Second place overall for the 2009 series.  We will be first again in 2010!


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