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Texas Dare Adventure Race 2007
December 8th, 2007
Lake Houston Park
New Caney, TX

OMSART Members: NB and Dr. Josh

Unofficial Results
(our time)
Official Results
3.3 miles
30 min 15 sec

3 hours 40 minutes 5 seconds

out of 14 teams in our division.
16th out of 39 overall (all divisions).

Link to official results here.

Transition Area
3 min 39 sec
Hike and Bike:
2 miles
18 min 04 sec
Transition Area:
3 min 26 sec
Run to Zip Line:
1.4 miles
21 min 22 sec
Zip Line Event:
13 min 36 sec
Run back to TA from Zip Line:
1.4 miles
19 min 52 sec
Transition Area:
6 min 40 sec
Mountain Bike to Paddle Event:
6.9 miles
53 min 53 sec
Paddle Event:
1/2 mile
8 min 54 sec
Mountain bike back to TA:
6.9 miles
39 min 24 sec

Pictures below (at very bottom)

NB's Comments:

Walking up the stairs of my home carrying my over-sized gym bag packed full of wet gear from the race proved to be more challenging than I ever would have thought.  My aching calf muscles were still hurting after throwing me to the ground earlier in the day.  The muscles simply locked up… the pain so bad I actually yelled out loud… and to make matters even more interesting, my Camelbak was completely dry. 

As I stood halfway up the staircase leaning on the handrail and debating if I should simply drop the gym bag without any regard to its contents or place the bag down gently, I decided that the two and a half hour race I paced us for would have been fantastic had it actually been a two and a half hour race.  3 hours, 40 minutes and 5 seconds wasn’t exactly what I had planned… surely something my leg muscles hadn’t planned for either…

The 08:00 start on Saturday morning would have been better had it been a 05:00 start.  At 03:00 I woke up excited about the race and was unable to go back to sleep. 

The plan was to meet Dr. Josh at my office at 06:00. 

No matter what I did… which way I tossed… which way I turned… I kept thinking I was going to oversleep… that for some reason, my alarm clock that wakes me up every single day of the week was going to fail me this race day. 

I finally just got up and re-inventoried my stuff… again.

Dr. Josh strapped my bike on to the back of his car under the yellow tint of the security light at my office while I transferred my gym bag and other implements of destruction to his back seat. 

The ride to Lake Houston Park in New Caney, TX was uneventful unless you call a ride along a dark freeway at 06:00 on a Saturday morning an event. 

I reckon we arrived at the park a little before 07:00.  We had enough time to set up our gear in the transition area (TA), get our paperwork done and get our numbers scribbled on our arms with the over-sized permanent Sharpie.  Team 326.

After a group meeting where we all agreed to respect the park and the other park visitors, we bowed our heads for a brief prayer, and just after 08:00 we were off on the first section of the race… a trail run. 

I’m not sure of the exact distance of the run… I am still waiting for Rick at HART to let me know… but I overheard someone say it was just over 5K.  Given that it took us just over 30 minutes, I’m guessing it was probably around 3.4 miles or so.

The next section of the race was called “Hike and Bike”.  Basically we had to make a loop… both of us, but with only one bike.  We both had to wear helmets, but we decided to let Josh rest while riding the bike.  I ran.  And of course, about a quarter mile into it we had to cross a river.  Wet shoes, wet socks and wet feet for the remainder of the section.  Nice. 

21 minutes later we were back at the TA, and we both immediately changed socks for the next section.  The zip line. 

We had no clue how far the zip line was from the TA.  We knew we had to follow the red ribbons; we just didn’t know for how long.  Another 21 minutes of running (and another river crossing thrown in for good measure) we arrived at the zip line. 

I’ll admit I was pleased to see a few folks backed up for the zip line.  Standing in line donned in our harnesses and helmets for about 10 minutes was a welcomed break.  When it was our turn to go, we climbed to the top of the 40-foot tower, clipped in, and with a leap we were flying through the air tethered to the cable Billy Bob and Bubba had apparently rigged up earlier in the week. 

After climbing down the ladder on the other side and returning our gear, we started running through the woods again… wet feet and all… and about 20 minutes later we were back at the TA to begin the biking section.

Now at this point I was pretty glad to be hopping onto the bike.  I had been running just over an hour and half… and during the hike and bike section I was actually running pretty hard… all the while with wet socks and shoes.  The full suspension of my mountain bike was sure to be a relief.  Wrong!

We pedaled out of the TA, and it was about a mile into it when we had to cross a wooden bridge.  I wasn’t expecting the front wheel of my bike to wash out on the pine needles like it did, but sure enough, I was on my ass as I watched my bike slide through the guard rail and over the edge into the shallow dry (fortunately) creek bed below. 

I took inventory of myself… nothing was broken… only a drop of blood on my arm… I retrieved the bike and we were off again.

Now I’m not sure when it happened… but if I had to guess, I’d say no more than 4 miles or so into the ride.  I could feel my left calf trying to seize up.  I stopped a couple of times to try and stretch it out, but I kept pushing it… dumb. 

I’m glad there was no one around when it finally locked up and sent me to the ground in pain.  If you’ve never had a muscle lock up, trust me when I say it’s something you never want to experience.  My toes were pointed straight; it looked as if my calf muscle was going to come out of my leg, and all I could do was yell in pain.  Fortunately it didn’t last long, but when it was happening it felt like forever!

With more stretching and pacing it wasn’t long until my right leg decided to do the same thing.  And to make it more interesting, my Camelbak was completely dry about a mile or so before the paddling section.  Just wonderful!

Now while all this was going on with me, Dr. Josh’s legs were doing pretty much the same thing… though his quads decided to get into the act as well.  I’ll let him tell his side of the story, but I will say it would have been more convenient had our muscle cramps been on the same schedule.  As it was, I’d get my legs stretched out and be rolling along just fine when his legs would go out on him.  Once he got it worked out, mine would seize up.  This pattern seemed to repeat itself again and again…

We finally made it to the boats after 54 minutes of pedaling, stretching, pedaling, stretching, and hauling our bikes through a muddy bog. 

We grabbed our life vests, paddles and boat and paddled like madmen to the other side of the river to retrieve a penny from the bucket waiting for us on the wooden dock.  Josh grabbed the penny, and we quickly turned around and paddled back.  And we actually passed a team during the paddling section… though it really didn’t matter since they ended up passing us when we had to stop and stretch our leg muscles again. 

We headed back to the TA on the bikes along the same 54-minute course.  Somehow we were able to pull it out, because we reduced the time to just over 39 minutes for the return trip and the end of the race. 

3 hours, 40 minutes and 5 seconds.

Note to self… drink more water! 

Dr. Josh's Comments:

The weeks leading up to the race could not have been any better with the evening meetings, the Flu, rain, and to top it off, the office Christmas party on Friday night.  I did manage to refrain from overindulging in either food or drink…I had fish, steamed veggies, salad, and water.  Little did I know that I may have been better off if I had shown up to the race with some booze still coursing my veins…it would have eased the pain.

I did manage to get SOME sleep, but was wide awake by 4:30am and was running over my list of gear that I had loaded into the car, just sure I would leave something important behind in the garage.  After I double, and triple checking everything, I kissed my wife while she slept and snuck out to meet NB at his office by 6am. 

We quickly got the bikes and gear loaded into my car and headed out to the depths of East Texas before the sun came up.  It was not until after the race on the way home that we realized just how far into redneck territory we had gone, but that is another story altogether.

Apparently we got there early, and I believe we were the first team to check in. 

The race began and I soon remembered I had forgotten to train for the run portion of this event!  I survived the first run loop of around 5K, but I was dragging when we got back to the transition area. 

The next event was the Hike ‘N’ Bike, and NB made the executive decision to run like a gazelle while I pedaled my fat pig of a full suspension mountain bike

I have a different philosophy on bikes after this race.  The lighter the better…suspension or not.  Crossing the creek several times left NB with shoes that weighed about 5 pounds each… but he ran and ran and ran. 

Back in the TA, I dropped the bike, and we ran to the zip line…Wooohooo more running!  Did I mention I had not run much before this event?  Back across the creek, with wet shoes and all, we made it to the zip line and geared up to wait out turn.  It was definitely a welcomed wait! 

The zip line was fun, but I would have preferred the zip line to have zipped us back to the TA, because the run back was brutal for me!  I was getting “motivational running” from NB all along the way with stories about my kids cheering me on, and how I shouldn’t be letting some near 40 dude run me in the ground etc etc.  NB pushed me back into the TA, and I couldn’t wait to get back on my bike…or so I thought…

The bike loop out to the paddle is what I had been looking forward to…that is until shortly after NB decided to throw his bike off the bridge.  I guess the starting and stopping thing got my calves to thinking they were done so they started to cramp up, but I rode on until I heard NB scream out in pain and drop his bike.  I have to admit I looked on in agony as I sheepishly asked if there was anything I could do. We later realized our calves just did not want us to finish, but we pushed on. 

The paddle was a short out and back across a creek to grab a penny from the dock on the other side, and I think we made up one or two spots there.  The upper body work was a welcomed change. 

The bike leg back did not seem to be quite as bad, but we were both out of water.  The final pass through the “wetlands” which was a long mud bog seemed to be the last hump, and we soon passed another team and headed into the TA for the finish.  My family was there to cheer us on, and at that point I just wanted to lay still and try to avoid any more leg cramps. 

It really was a great race and lots of fun, but I have to admit, the hot dogs they served after the race…not a good food choice. 

I think I have finally gotten all of the mud out of everything I took to the race, and can’t wait for the next one!

Race Pictures

Having to run through and ride through several creek beds, changing socks at the TA was a must.

Dr. Josh looks happy...

... or confused.

I look focused.  How 'bout the cheat sheet on my left hand?

"Hike and Bike"...???  More like Drudge and Sludge!

The only problem with climbing down into the creek is that you have to climb out!

Dr. Josh getting a little moral support!

"You go first!"  "No!  You go first!"  "Seriously dood... you go first!"

Well, at least the breeze is nice...

Are we done?  Really!?!?!?!

Nope.  Not done.  See you later...

And we made it back.  We're going so fast the camera couldn't focus!

And that's that!


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