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USARA National Championship
May 17th, 2008
Rocky Hill Ranch, Smithville, TX
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OMSART Members: NB and shaggy

Unofficial Results
(our time)
Official Results
3.2 miles
28 min 20 sec

3 hours 47 minutes 24 seconds

out of 8 teams in our division.
18th out of 25 overall (all divisions).

Transition Area
3 min
Mountain Biking
0.71 miles

5 min 32 min

Broken Chain
28 min
Resume Mountain Biking
11.1 miles

1 hour 30 min

Transition Area

1 min
Road Bike (on mountain bikes) to river
4.11 miles
18 min 55 sec

Transition Area 2

2 min
3 miles
34 min 43 sec

Transition Area 3

3 min

Run/hike back to finish carrying kayak, paddles and gear
0.78 miles

11 min 39 sec

Pictures below...

NB's Comments:

Coming soon...

Notes for write up

We finished... 6th out of 8. About 20 minutes blown jacking with a broken
chain... God knows how long blown because I had motor oil in my lungs...

3 hours, 47 minutes and change... just over 23 miles...

If you look at the laps....

1 was the run
2 was TA
3 was ride until chain break
4 was chain break

Autostop feature kicked in here for the broken chain, so the time doesn't
show. Turns out it was only 28 minutes... it just felt like for friggin ever!

5 was mountain biking
6 was TA
7 was road biking
8 was TA at river
9 was paddling
10 was walk/jog back to the other TA carrying boat, paddles, life vests,

You can also download the Google Earth file from there...

But we won one of these:

Anyway, racing when sick is just stupid!

And I'll make sure I go into detail about the sneeze that blew about a
gallons and a half of snot from my nose EVERYWHERE!!!!!!


kickingn butt... then got passed by everyone...

shaggy's Comments:

Coming soon...

Race Pictures


shaggy rebuilding his derailer with about an hour until race time...

A bug's life

Race photos...

I don't look so bad here...

Wow!  Look at the sick dood in the back...

The sick dood is still in the back...

The sick dood sits!

The young healthy shagomatic in the TA.

We were so kicking ass at this point!

Go Shag-o-matic, GO!

Racing and the flu should not be done in tandem...

Our boat seats waiting on us...

NB grabbing a boat for the paddling leg of the race...

shag-o-matic coming over to help the black-socked old man....

"Hop in shaggy!"

Row row row your boat...

That's using your head...

Good ole lucky number 13!  One broken chain... and one now really sick dood. 
Hey, at least I'm smiling!


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