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As a young lad I practically lived on my BMX bike. For years my friends and I spent almost every spare hour finding things to ride on. There was not a set stairs, picnic table, flood canal, or sidewalk in Deer Park that we did not leave our tire tracks on.

Around age thirteen a friend persuaded me to give up bmx and start logging miles on a road bike. I rode a few local charity rides and the MS150 before discovering the mountain bike.

I rode mountain bikes for years and all over the campus of SHSU but only made it to the trails of Huntsville state park a few times.

When Dr. Josh moved to California I loaned him my Gary Fisher, and I bought a Trek 5200 road bike from one of his friends. I started riding with the Woodlands Cycling Club and logged hundreds of miles, until I learned of Triathlons in late 2006. I raced three sprint distance triathlons in 2007, and I was hooked...

... at least I was hooked, until I watched Dr. Josh & NB at the Texas Dare Adventure Race which was much more exciting than triathlons.

If Adventure Racing is half as much fun as it looks, I'm in.

shaggy's Races:

Race Date Place
24 Hours of Rocky Hill October 2009 6th
Terra Firma Sprint Adventure Race Sep 2009 2nd
24 Hours of Rocky Hill October 2008 3rd
Hotter 'N Hell 100 Aug 2008 n/a
USARA Sprint Adventure Race National Championships May 2008 6th*
3rd Annual YMCA Trail Run May 2008 3rd
Woodland's Triathlon    
Dirty Dozen 12-hour Mountain Bike Race February 2008 12th

* USARA - I broke a chain, NB had the flu

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Hydration System:

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