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USARA National Championship and
Texas State Championship Sprint Adventure Race Series Sprint #1
May 9th, 2009
Camp Longhorn/Inks Lake State Park - Burnet, TX

OMSART Solo Race Members: NB and brewer

Sections  (and unofficial times)
Official Results
Run (to spread out the teams...)
0.5 miles
3 min 25 seconds
6:53/mi pace
TA: 2 min  
Mountain Bike
5 miles
30 minutes 22 seconds
0.75 miles
14 minutes 48 seconds
Trail Run and "Rings"
3.1 miles
31 minutes 50 seconds
10:26/mi pace
0.34 miles
5 minutes 55 seconds
TA: 1 min  
Mountain Bike
3.86 miles
31 minutes 36 seconds
Mystery Event
Hill descent to cave and climb back out
0.21 miles
5 minutes 17 seconds
Mountain Bike
1.57 miles
9 minutes 5 seconds
Mystery Event
Run through TA, around to pool, through pool and run to finish
0.26 miles
3 minutes 27 seconds

3rd Place


  Distance: 15.66 miles
Time: 2 hour 20 min 12 sec
Avg pace: 8:55/mile
Avg Speed: 6.7 mph
Max Speed: 38.9 mph
Calories (NB's): 1587
Avg Heart Rate (NB's): 176 bpm
Max Heart Rate: (NB's) 195 bpm
Ascent/Descent 2000 ft
3rd place in the Nationals ain't too shabby...
and that gives us 18 points for the Texas State Championship Series too!
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Pictures below...

NB's Comments:

I skipped the gym on Friday... and slept like a brick on Thursday night.  Friday night at brewer's... I didn't sleep so well.  Maybe I was just excited?  I woke up about once every two hours ready to GO!

brewer and I arrived at the course early Saturday morning and got our stuff set up in the TA (Transition Area).  There seemed to be more people there than normal... I reckon 'cause it was the USARA Nationals.  Tougher competition... tougher course. 

Last year we did the course in an hour and 30 minutes.  Not so this year.  Two hours and 20 minutes.  Completely different course layout... except the darned hill.  Basically the hill is like riding up a 30-story building in a mile.  I HATE long (up)hills.  You can see the ugliness in the elevation graph below:

The elevation changes over the 15.7-mile course.

The race started with a half-mile sprint to break up the teams.  Easy enough, but it sure didn't break up the teams like I had hoped.  We got stacked up behind some slow riders on the first section of mountain biking... and they kept coming off their bikes to walk some of the more difficult sections.  Unfortunately, we had to come off too, because they were pretty much stopped in the middle of the trail.  UGH!  We saw the poor girl with the compound fracture.  Poor thing.  I hope she's OK.  Probably not what she signed up for...

After the ride, we had a 3/4-mile paddle followed by a three-mile trail run.  When we got back to the boats to paddle across the lake, they directed us to the "rings" where we had to swing across a small section of water, drop in, then swim to the dock (with our running gear on).  Then we made it back to the boat to paddle across the lake to the bikes.

Change shoes, throw on Camelbaks, helmets etc. and we were off on the bikes again for nearly four miles when we had to stop and climb down a hill to a cave and retrieve a token.  That was the easy part.  The climbing-up part sucked.  And for the very first time ever in a race, brewer's calf started to seize up.  He told me he'll never again say anything mean to me again when mine does it.  Rest assured... it SUX!!!

After the climb, we hopped back on the bikes, and I had to peddle up the hill from hell (brewer did too, but he didn't have as much of a problem with it).  I hate that hill.  Going down it at 40mph is OK, but climbing back up it SUX!!! SUX!!! SUX!!!  I made it.  It wasn't pretty, but I made it without coming off the bike and walking.  Here's that elevation graph again, but this time with Speed (in blue) and my comments...

The elevation and speed changes over the 15.7-mile course.

The nearly 300-foot drop is fun on a bike on the down side... not so much on the climb!  There's also the ugly hill climb during the run, which was basically a 150-foot climb over less than 2/10 of a mile.  You can also see the 150-foot drop (and climb) over 2/10 mile to get down to the cave.  FUN!

At the TA we had one more event--basically run around to a pool, jump into the waist-deep water and make our way around to the other side, get out and run through the finish line. 

We ended up in 3rd place in our division... 2:20:12.  Interestingly enough, had we raced in Male Open, we would have placed 5th.  And we were faster than any of the female teams.  brewer said, "I wonder if the surgery is worth the prizes?"  I reckon they'd have to be pretty good prizes...

Anyway, 3rd place in the nationals... We'll take it! 

I need to get my long-hill legs better.  brewer needs to drink more fluids!

Next race in three weeks.


Race Pictures:

We have to give a special THANKS to Laura (Wes' wife) for taking pictures of us on the course!..
Thanks Laura!

As always... a run...

Action-less shots.  Maybe SLOW-MOTION shots?

brewer's face says it all! 
This is what happens when teams are NOT spread out at the start...
You get stacked up behind the slow riders and you're stuck! 

brewer on the first mountain bike section...

NB on the first mountain bike section...

NB leading the pack (from the back!)... that's brewer in front of me...

GO monkey boy, GO!


"Stupid rings!"

That's my (NB's) game face paddling us back after the trail run...

More game face!

brewer looking back to see where the competition is...

NB putting the boat away...

Changing from running shoes back into bike shoes... putting on our helmets... Camelbaks, etc.

NB grabbing a quick drink of HEED...

"Come on brewer!"

"Shut up!  I'm coming."

Laughter before the humiliation of climbing back up that darned hill...

brewer laughing because he knows I'm going to suck climbing the darned hill.

This is what the face of a person with a seized up calf muscle looks like! 
Look at his left calf muscle... OUCH!!!!!!

This is what the face of a person that hates long, steep hills looks like!

And the faces of the 3rd place team in the old-man category!


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