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Being a moto rat since a youngster, riding my YZ 80 in the New Mexico desert chasing rabbits, I’ve always had a passion for things with two wheels and a motor. I did stints in baseball and did ok in tennis (minus the Jack Tripper shorts), but something always drew me to riding off-road.

Moving to Texas in 96’ I thought, at the time, that having a massive Honda XR 600 would be the ticket for riding in the tight TX single track. Little did I know that riding fast in the trees was much different than hauling in the wide open desert. It took me a while of taking out limbs with my Bark Busters to figure this out, but I still struggled with having the finesse required to move smoothly through the trees. I was about to give it up – I sold the big XR and in 97’ bought my first mountain bike hoping that might shed some light on this tree thing (go slower to go faster). Not knowing anything about bikes or if I would even like it, I went to the Toys-R-Us and picked up a “top of the line” Pacific aluminum hardtail. Rode it into the ground and then picked up a “real” mountain bike, a K2 ZedX hardtail. This is when I knew I was hooked on bikes. Soon after, I picked up a sweet new KTM 300 EXC scooter in a divorce sale and decided to give it another go and try out my new handling skills.

In 2003 I took the plunge and went for my first dual suspension, the Klein Palomino (Maverick design), and it was money well spent. The bike became a frankensteined version of the original over the next five years (worn out frame, shock, forks, wheels, etc.). I loved that bike.

My passion for biking has developed to a point where I need to ride elsewhere. I’ve ridden in Taiwan, Utah & New Mexico, and can’t wait to hit new high altitude places of pleasure. As recent as last year, I started to take up trail running to improve fitness and give me another excuse to do something else off-road. This year, I became crazy lucky. With the help of brewer, my dream machine fell in my lap, a 2008 Turner Spot with all the trimmings. I’m sure my off-roading will continue to take on new shapes and expand into strange vices that only disturbed individuals as yourselves would know.

EZ-e's Races:

Race Date Place
24 Hours of Rocky Hill October 2009 6th
24 Hours of Rocky Hill October 2008 3rd
Terra Firma Extreme September 2008 4th

EZ-e's Gear:

Bike: 08’ Turner Spot 5.5”, XL Sangria Red
Pic has bike with a different seat post. Currently has a setback Thomson Elite.

Mountain Bike Shoes: Pearl Izumi Vagabond

Hydration System: Camelback Mule

Trail Running Shoes :Adidas Supernova Riot




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