October 18th, 2008
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24 Hours of Rocky Hill
Rocky Hill Ranch, Smithville, TX
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3rd Place!
Official Results here.

OMSART Members: NB, brewer, shaggy and EZ-e

Who? Lap Official Times Pace Accumulated Miles


1:05:00.7 6:04/M 10.700
brewer 2 1:06:39.2 6:14/M 21.400
shaggy 3 1:13:05.0 6:50/M 32.100
NB 4 1:09:07.1 6:28/M 42.800
EZ-e 5 1:01:17.9 5:44/M 53.500
brewer 6 1:06:49.5 6:15/M 64.200
shaggy 7 1:13:52.7 6:54/M 74.900
NB 8 1:12:00.4 6:44/M 85.600
EZ-e 9 1:08:48.4 6:26/M 96.300
brewer 10 1:11:20.0 6:40/M 107.000
shaggy 11 1:24:16.2 7:53/M 117.700
NB 12 1:19:27.8 7:26/M 128.400
EZ-e 13 1:10:12.3 6:34/M 139.100
brewer 14 1:15:54.5 7:06/M 149.800
shaggy 15 1:26:18.6 8:04/M 160.500
NB 16 1:17:52.3 7:17/M 171.200
EZ-e 17 1:03:53.4 5:58/M 181.900
brewer 18 1:07:41.9 6:20/M 192.600
shaggy 19 1:14:05.3 6:55/M 203.300
NB 20 1:07:42.6 6:20/M 214.000
EZ-e   21 1:07:53.7 6:21/M 224.700
Totals 21 25:03:19.5 6:41/M  224.700

Pictures below

NB's Comments (taken in real time during the race):

The Race!
Lap length 10.7 miles (according to my bike computer)

1910 hours, Saturday, October 18th, 2008

I was the fourth rider in the line up for the 24-hour mountain bike race at Rocky Hill. EZ-e led us off with a blistering time of one hour five minutes. Brewer did lap number two in an hour and six minutes. shaggy was third and came in with a time of one hour and 13 minutes, and me... bum knee and all... one hour and nine minutes.

I think I blew my load on the first lap in the first mile and a half. This section is primarily a climb, and once I reached the top, I was too whipped to pick up the pace to increase my time on the flatter sections. My plan for the next lap is to throttle back until I reach the top, then go all out for the remainder of the lap. I reckon we'll see if this plan pans out or not.

shaggy has been out about 30 minutes now; I'm off to get changed and gather all my gear for my second lap...

2139 hours, Saturday, October 18th, 2008

I guess one thing I failed to consider in my previous entry was that it's dark outside; hence, this lap was in the dark with the aid of my NiteRider Enduro Lith headlamp. So 1:12 is actually a respectable time considering...

I think I will take a nap for a couple of hours now...

0813 hours, Sunday, October 19th, 2008

It was about 0030 when I checked in for lap number three. I felt horrible. Tired. Cold. Sore. Unfortunately shaggy had a slow lap and didn't make it in until around 0100, which would have been no big deal had it not been so cold outside. I kept bouncing around a bit to stay warm and keep my heart rate up, but not knowing when he'd come in, I didn't want to wear myself out warming up. I also don't think I ate enough... and I am sure I can keep this list of excuses going for a while.. but ultimately this was my worst lap at one hour 19 minutes.

When I got back to the truck, I ate two peanut butter sandwiches, a Pop Tart, some almonds and two bananas, then I immediately went to sleep.

My fourth lap began around 0545. Still dark outside... and no matter how good your lights are, riding in the dark is nothing like riding in broad daylight. I could tell right away I was feeling better. I had more energy; I'm assuming that was the food. With about a mile left of the lap, the sun started to come up. And we need the sun to come up—everything is so wet on the trails... just slippery. And it's still cold as I write this—cuddled up in my 20-degree sleeping bag inside my truck (which now has a dead battery... I told you it was cold).

I think that unless we can all turn under 1:10 paces, this will be the final lap for everyone. Though, EZ-e is outside talking to shaggy... he just turned in a 1:03. So maybe... just maybe... EZ-e will do a final lap. I guess it just depends on what brewer, shaggy and me can do. We'll see.

I think I will take a nap for an hour or so...

1230 hours, Sunday, October 19th, 2008

Well, after EZ-e's 1:03, brewer went to work. He came in at 1:07-something which left shaggy and me two hours and 26 minutes to get two laps in prior to the 24-hour mark. Our brains could actually figure out the split—we each had to make a lap in one hour and 13 minutes so we could get EZ-e out for a final lap. Anything past the 24-hour mark and EZ could not have gone.

Shaggy took off on his lap while I went back to our camp to ready my bike and gear. I double checked everything on the bike, because the last thing I needed to happen was a mechanical failure. Fresh lube on the chain and a run through all the gears... everything appeared to be in order.

I headed over over to wait for shaggy as the once-miserably cold day turned sunny and hot. At the one-hour mark, I paid carefully paid attention to each and every rider coming through... just hoping shaggy would come in early. No shaggy at 1:13. As EZ-e and brewer looked on, at 1:14 I yelled over to them, “He's cutting into my time!” Within ten seconds, shaggy rounded the final corner.

My one hour and 13 minutes was now one hour and 12 minutes. I got to thinking, my fastest lap, when I was fresh, was 1:09. My next fastest was 1:12... which meant I had to turn my second fasted lap of the race to get EZ-e out for a final lap. I said to myself, “Screw it; lets do this!” And off I went.

Every lap prior had some sort of issue, mostly coming off the bike in tight curves, or missing turns causing me to crash into the bushes. This lap was perfect. I just cranked it out... panting like a greyhound at the track, I just kept pedaling with all I had. I didn't look at my watch until mile eight. I figured I was doing the absolute best I could; looking at my watch would make no difference, because it was physically impossible for me to go any faster. At the eight-mile point, it appeared I could make. At 23 hours and 55 minutes... and after 54ish miles of solid mountain biking... I rolled over the line yelling for EZ-e to GO! My final lap was my fastest lap of the race—one hour seven minutes. Hopefully EZ-e's final lap will move us up a place or two in standings. If not, I don't care—I still did what I needed to do!

The Awards Ceremony...

1935 hours, Sunday, October 19th, 2008

Well, it turns out the plan to get the extra lap paid off. We ended up getting third place... third of 13 teams in our division. We won all sorts of schwag and divided it up between all of us.

All in all, this was one hell of a team effort. Ernest definitely had the speed. Brewer was turning in the next fastest lap times, I reckon I was right behind him. And shaggy's quick pace on his last lap gave me enough time to get EZ-e out on his final lap with about 5 minutes to spare. Excellent job boys!

And this was the last race of the Terra Firma series for 2008. The next one is a 12-hour mountain-bike race at Warda. I'm sure we'll come up with something to keep us entertained between now and then...

As soon as Terra Firma posts the lap times, I will make them available on this page. Until then, enjoy the pictures below.

That's all for now.

Later that week

1756 hours, Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Well, it turns out that wasn't "all" after all...

Looking at the results, it appears we didn't need EZ-e to make that final lap to remain in third place. But the way I figure it, that extra 10.67 miles was good for him!

And now... That's all folks!


Race Pictures

Little shaggy came our to wish her Daddy well...

"Go Daddy GO!

And we're off... well, at least EZ-e is...

After his little run, EZ-e hops on his bike...

... and like that, he was off!

"See you in an hour EZ-e!"

While we waited, I took a few pictures to kill time...

And about an hour later... EZ-e came in...

... and brewer headed out for his lap.

One tired EZ-e!

So while brewer was out on his lap, I snapped a few more pictures of randomness...

EZ-e's gear waiting for another lap.

This little fella came and visited us at the campsite.

And here comes brewer...

...and out goes shaggy.

One tired brewer...

More pictures between laps...

Kathy at work!

And more pictures (this one's brewers... not the bike, the picture of the bike)...

And I'm (NB) off for my lap...

shaggy after his lap...

And this cycle repeated it self for the entire race. 
Ride a lap...
Prepare bike...
Take some pictures...
Ride a lap...
And so on...






And here we all be with our 3rd-place winnings...

brewer, shaggy, little shaggy, EZ-e and me (NB)


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