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3rd Annual YMCA Trail Run 2008
May 10th, 2008
YMCA - Camp Owen, Conroe, TX
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OMSART Members: NB and shaggy

5K Trail Run

Official Results
NB shaggy
1st Place
Male 35 - 39

21 minutes 45.6 seconds
1st out of 18 in age group
16th out of all 272 competitors
Avg heart rate: 190 bpm
Max heart rate: 205 bpm
3rd Place
Male 25 - 30

22 minutes 43.4 seconds

3rd out of 10 in age group
25th out of all 272 competitors

Link to Official Results here.

Pictures below...

NB's Comments:

shaggy mentioned this race on our Google Group... and since I wasn't going to the farm this weekend, I figured, "why not?"

So after registering online, I saw that packet pickup was at 0600, and the race began at 0730.  Since I live in Houston and the race was in Conroe, I decided to time it so I'd arrive in Conroe by 0545ish...

It was nice to have the very first parking spot... not so nice to wait around for the 0830 start.  I really need to do a better job reading...

I guess the positive side was that I got to pick up my race packet and thoroughly evaluate its contents consisting of various samples of acne soap, teeth whitening strips and the logo-clad cotton T-shirt the YMCA provided.

shaggy (with family and friends in tow) eventually showed up (because shaggy can apparently read better than I), and after some jaw-jacking about Dr. Josh's training program (or lack there of) and how upset shag-master was going to be if me and the other old man (brewer) ended up kicking their butts in Sprint Series, we made our way to the starting line.

(Dr. Josh!  You better get to training!  The first race of the series is only 3 weeks away...)

After a rendition of the National Anthem sung by a high school girl standing in the back of a pickup truck to an American flag proudly carried by another high school girl in full western wear riding a beautiful Palomino, we heard a few words from a young disabled person in a wheelchair.  She said that the contributions from this event, which benefited the Leap of Faith Equine Assisted Therapy Program, helped "kids like us be more like other kids."  Quite moving to hear from the weakened voice of a wheelchair bound kiddo...

She also gave us the "Ready, Set, GO!"... and with that, we were off!

I took off like a madman to get the first mile out of the way.  This seems to work for me, though I assume at some point it's going to bite me in the butt.  I crossed the first mile marker at 6 min 15 seconds (6:15 pace).  I noticed my heart rate was over 190, so I slowed just a tad...

At the second mile marker, my time was 13 min 48 seconds (7:33 pace for this mile), so I did slow a tad like I planned, but my heart rate was still over 190.  I can only assume the bricks my shoes had turned into because of the mud caked on the soles was the reason for the extra exertion...

O well, I wasn't going to slow down anymore, so I kept on rolling at what felt like the same pace.  Crossing mile number three, I was at 21 minutes 23 seconds (7:35 pace for this mile). 

It wasn't long into the final stretch when it appeared I had just over 100 yards to go to the finish line.  And there was victim--a poor soul looking to simply finish... not knowing some idiot was plotting to pass...

As I whipped by him running with everything I had left, I could hear someone else trying to do the same to me!

Turns out there was still some more in reserve above and beyond the "everything I had left."

I was not passed as the beep from the machine that read the chip laced to my shoe indicated I had crossed the finish line ahead of my stalker.

Dood... shoes go on your feet!"

But THAT took it all out of me.  I looked down, heart rate monitor was fussing at me... 205 beats per minute.  I reckon that whole 220-minus-your-age thing doesn't apply to me for max heart rate. 

Here's a graph of my heart rate for the race:

Click to enlarge

I walked around a bit... drinking water, etc., but my heart rate was pegged between 140 and 150 and wasn't coming down.  Sweating like a pig and way over heated, I found a shower in the YMCA pavilion area and took a 10-minute cold shower to get my body temperature back down.  It worked.

When I crossed the finish line, I knew I did well; I just didn't know I did as well as it turned out until I saw the first posting of the results:

16th overall out of the 272 competitors, and I took first in the 35-39 age group for males.

Not bad for a humid Saturday morning in May.  I reckon it's also a step in the right direction as part of my "training program" for the upcoming adventure races...

That's that I reckon... since I assume you could care less about my boring ride back to Houston...

Next race... next weekend... May 17th.  The USARA National Championships!  Needless to say, I won't even be placing 1st in that.. HA!

Until thenů



shaggy's Comments:

Coming soon...


Race Pictures

Immediately after the race... why isn't shaggy sweating like the pig next to him?

Shaggy receiving his 3rd place award.

NB receiving his 1st place award. 
(note that I changed clothes after a very cold shower to cool off...)

YMCA spares no expense on the awards!


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