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The Dirty Dozen™ 12 Hour Mountain Bike Race
February 2, 2008
Bluff Creek Ranch
Warda, TX
8am until 8pm

OMSART Members: NB , Dr. Josh, brewer and shaggy

Results and some pictures below, but since we had four in this race, everybody gets their own page.  
Click any image or name below to view his commentary and pictures from the race:

Dr. Josh
Lap Rider
Official Results
1 NB
time includes a 300-yard sprint to the bike
45 min


12 hours 12 minutes

out of 20 teams in our division.

Link to official results here.

2 brewer 45 min
3 Dr. Josh 48 min
4 shaggy 44 min
5 NB 46 min
6 brewer 45 min
7 Dr. Josh 47 min
8 shaggy 43 min
9 NB 47 min
10 brewer 45 min
11 Dr. Josh 46 min
12 shaggy 42 min
13 NB 46 min
14 brewer
half this lap was in the dark
47 min
15 shaggy
this entire lap was in the dark
46 min
16 Dr. Josh
this entire lap was in the dark
50 min

Some race pictures below... the rest are on each teams member's page...

And we're off.  The very beginning of Lap #1.  NB trying to get clipped in.

End of Lap #1.  NB passing the medallion to brewer to begin Lap #2

shaggy taking a rest at the camp site after one of his laps

Dr. Josh after the final lap.  Note the tired face and blood dripping from his knee...

There's commentary and more pictures on the individual team member pages.  Click below...

NB's Page Dr. Josh's Page brewer's Page shaggy's Page


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